EZ Read  FM2S 200A 240V 3W Meter

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EZ Read FM2S 200A 240V 3W Meter


Manufacturer's Part #: S-02S-20023E

US$ 35.00
Meter Cover Type:  California Weights & Measures Inspection: 
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EZ Read FM2S 200A 240V 3W Meter

Easy reading all purpose meter.

ANSI approved.

Use for either 120 or 240 volts or both at the same time (120/240V).

5 digits.

200 amp max.

Meters are approved for use in California

Matching Sockets (required):
4 terminal, 100 amp
4 terminal, 125 amp
4 terminal, 200 amp

View the wiring diagram for 120V circuits for this meter.
View the wiring diagram for 240V circuits for this meter.

Hialeah Meter has maintained active Type approval from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Please see the CTEP Certificates: 3441-90 and 1720-79 for further information. For information regarding California certificates issued before 1989, or if you cannot find a specific device certificate, please call (916) 229-3000 or email at DMS@cdfa.ca.gov.