<b>4/5T 200A Ringless Steel Enclosure</b>

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4/5T 200A Ringless Steel Enclosure


Manufacturer's Part #: MILBANK U7040-XL-TG-HSP

US$ 75.75
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4/5T 200A Ringless Steel Enclosure

Milbank- Specs Information & Diagram
  • Single Phase
  • Small Closing Plate
  • 200 Continuous Ampere
  • Overhead or Underground
  • No Bypass
  • Stainless Steel Hasp
  • 4.125"L X 11"W X 14.563"H
  • Requires 5th Terminal when used with S-12S-C3013 Meter

  • Approved for use in the service areas served by the utilities of the Meter Equipment Group