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NEW and Remanufactured Electric Watthour Meters

Hialeah Meter is family owned and operated for more than 55 years. We work very hard to retrieve the used electric meters that are coming out of service from the electric utility companies nationwide. Our efforts to recycle "What is old is new again" the meters through our refurbishing process, has set the industry standard for quality in refurbished meters.

Every meter that leaves our 13,000 SQ FT. facility meets the strict calibration and accuracy standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), respectively. Active California Type Approval Certificates for single phase watt hour meters

RV Parks, Campgrounds and Marinas have come to depend on us for our EZ read meters, power outlets and pedestals.

Authorized distributor for Aclara (GE), and EMON(Honeywell), that offer a complete line of residential and commercial Electric Watthour Meters. In addition to our meters we also have GE transformers (CT & VT), meter mounting enclosures, from the most recognized within the industry, water meters, and other accessory items. Our reputation has transcended multiple generations, and we take great pride in the quality and top-notch service that defines us.

Servicing the sub metering industry in the US, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America.

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Industries Served

RV Parks / Campgrounds

We're your one-stop shop for remanufactured meters, installation kits, power outlets, and pedestals for RV parks / campgrounds.


Count on us for remanufactured meters, installation kits, power outlets and pedestals to help you save time and money.


We pride ourselves on delivering savings and quality to those we work with, and we have the inventory to satisfy even the largest orders.


Contractors rely on the strength of relationships to build their reputations, and we're proud to have many clients who count on us as a trusted partner.

Solar Industry

The Green Movement has thrust the solar industry to the forefront, and we're a partner you can count on to help you along the way.


Wondering how other institutions are saving money? Submetering might be the key. We stock many brands including E-Mon D-mon meters.

Brands We Carry

New Brands


“I am using your meters on a portable cord basis in my commercial boat yard. It’s working out really well. Customers like them, eliminates the guessing of electrical service charges. Best of all is the safety factor. Your meters make it easy for me as manager and owner to monitor those vessels with high amp electric heaters, so often the source of electrical fires.”

Island Ventures
Petersburg, AK

“Hialeah has provided us with accurate, quality, fast, fair, and friendly service. That is why my go to meter company has been Hialeah for more than 10 years.”

Michael Boggs
Cornell University – Utilities